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Thursday, August 15, 2019


Please Note-There will not be "Captain's Practice" on August 20th.
The rest of the practices are as mentioned in the previous post.

x Ms. Cori

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Welcome Back!

Dear Swim Families,

Welcome back to the 2019-2020 school year! I hope that you have had an enjoyable summer filled with adventure, fun, family & friends, reading, movement and a some relaxation too. :-) I am happy to be back in Muscat and am ready to get things off to a great start at the TAISM pool. I am especially excited for our upcoming swim seasons and hope you are too! I am looking forward to catching up with all of our amazing returning swimmers (+ swim families) and to meeting those who are NEW.

For Middle & High School swimmers who are here in Muscat or are arriving back a bit early, you are welcome to come workout at the TAISM pool beginning on August 18th. We will have "Captain's Practices" at 3:40 to 5:10 PM next week August 18-19 and 21-22 and the following week on August 25-27 (including the first day of school). PLEASE NOTE: NO PRACTICE AUGUST 20.

On Wednesday, August 28th---(the second day of school)
we will have a MS/HS SWIM TEAM MEETING at 3:40 PM.  

Students in grades 6-12 who are interested in being part of the competitive (SAISA SEASON) *MS/HS SWIM TEAM should plan to attend this meeting. Swimmers can bring swim gear along as we will swim a short workout after our meeting. We'll finish at the pool by 5:10 PM, as usual, and in time for the late bus.

*MS/HS SWIM TEAM is open to all students grades 6-12 who have a minimum swim proficiency level equal to our TAISM Learn to Swim Level 7. Swimmers must be able to swim all four strokes legally and be willing to commit to a MINIMUM of 4 full swim practices at TAISM per week. If you are not sure if you meet the minimum swim proficiency requirement, you can come to practice and coaches will do a quick assessment.

Work Hard. Dream BIG!

See you at the pool-
xx Ms. Cori
Here's a quick dose of INSPIRATION!

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Regan Smith: You don’t know what is possible (until you do it) by Olivier Leroy

Did you keep up with all the goings on at the FINA World Championships last week?  There were some serious, serious, swims.

Federica Pellegrini throwing down a gold medal in the 200m freestyle, medaling for the eighth consecutive time at Worlds in the event. At the age of 30, the world record holder continues to throw down world-beating times.

 Caeleb Dressel being exceptionally Caeleb Dressel-y. Two years ago he won 7 gold medals at the 2017 FINA World Championships, rattling a few world records in the process. This time around, Dressel clenched his fist around another bouquet of gold medals (6 gold, 8 total), a world record in the 100m butterfly, and he came this close to breaking the 50 and 100m freestyle world records. 

Adam Peaty kicked the 100m breaststroke world record into the :56’s for the first time in history, taking the event deeper into uncharted waters.

Hungarian teenager Kristof Milak dismantled Michael Phelps’ decade-old super-suit world record in the 200m butterfly, swimming a 1:50.73, winning gold by over three seconds in the process.

And then there was Regan Smith.

The 17-year old had been pegged as a serious up and comer, but I am not sure many knew how explosive the trajectory would be. Including, as it turned out, herself. Her first race wasn’t until later in the meet, so she had been quietly soaking in all these record-smashing performances. By the time she got up for the prelims of the 200m backstroke, she was ready to rock and roll, swimming a personal best time of 2:06.43. She was the fastest qualifier out of prelims, and as such, had lane four of the second heat of the semi-finals later that night.

That evening in Gwangju, South Korea, her calm, controlled technique took her out under world record pace. The smoothness of her stroke hides how fast she is flying. It takes until the 150m mark for the spectators at the pool and the commentators to realize what is unfolding in front of them. Smith has turned 0.32 under world record pace and is not slowing down. She accelerates down the final lap, body lengths ahead of the field, which includes two-time world champion in the 100m backstroke, Kylie Masse. The world record line, super-imposed on the coverage of the event, continues to lose ground as she sails under the backstroke flags. She throws her arm back, hits the wall, and the place erupts. Smith has swum a world-record shattering 2:03.35. Over seven tenths of a second faster than Missy Franklin’s 7-year-old mark. Straight up nasty. But for half a moment, Smith doesn’t know this yet. Looking at the scoreboard, which is on the far side of the pool, Smith’s mouth goes agape. Stunned. “Oh my God,” she says. Looks around in disbelief. Still not sure to believe what she sees. “I never thought I would be able to go something like that,” she said, still dripping, in her post-race interview. The time is insane. And a personal best time by three seconds. From that morning. But remember—this was only the semi-final.

The next night, for the championship final, she has another crack at it. Again, she flies out to an early lead. This time, even faster. At the 100m mark, she turns in 59.40 to the foot. Almost a second faster than she did the night before. To give some perspective as to how fast this was, the split would have made the final of the 100m back earlier that week. To her feet. She has a two body length lead at the 150m, turning over 8/10’s of a second ahead of her own world record pace. Having learned their lesson the night before, the place is on edge, cheering and yelling and screaming from the edge of their seats. She runs out of steam in the last 10m, touching just a shade over her WR to win gold. Even though she swam just slightly over her semi performance, for me, this swim was even more impressive. (And maybe even more note-worthy than the world record she would set in the 100m backstroke on the final night of the meet, leading off the medley relay for the US women.) Not to take anything away from the other performances, but there was something that really stuck with me from Smith’s 200 back. That split at the 100. Until the day before, I doubt there was a swimmer on the planet who even considered taking a 200m backstroke out in under a minute. It wasn’t a thought. It wasn’t a goal. It just wasn’t a thing. Quite suddenly, now it very much is. And because someone has done it once, someone else will realize that maybe they can do it too. Your limits are only limits until you choose to redefine them.

These moments in the sport serve as massive, sometimes stunning reminders that limits are there to be broken. What we think is possible is just a construct of our imagination. For a long time breaking 15 minutes in the mile was considered physically impossible. Until someone did it. And then someone else. And then a whole bunch of other someone elses. We don’t really know the limit. We rarely know what we are completely capable of. And we unfortunately rarely allow ourselves the freedom from the fear of failure to put ourselves out there and try.

So what does this mean for the rest of us? Should a limit-busting attitude be reserved only for a handful of the world’s best swimmers? Nah. You can adopt this mindset too. Tackle a harder interval this week. Try a faster lane at practice. Do something extra that you have never done before. Eat the healthiest meal you can make. Be relentlessly curious about redefining your limits. You never know what might happen.

* Limits are made to be tickled, broken, and smashed. And there are a few weapons you have at your disposal that can help put you in the mindset to get after them more often in the pool. Self-talk. Setting goals. Evaluating progress. Visualization. Negotiating with discomfort. Being willing to face the fear of failure. These skills are things you can sharpen and improve.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Summer Swim Workouts

Dear Swim Families,

Here are a few swim workouts for those of you have access to a pool or can approximate in a lake. Be sure to adjust distances and/or times as needed. A goal of 1600-2000-3000 meters for a workout is ideal. Even swimming 3 times per week for just 15 minutes can help maintain your feel for the water.

You can choose a combination of warm ups, cool downs and sets to build a workout. These workouts will indicate meters though you can do the same sets in yards. 1000 meters = about 1094 yards

*Using paddles and fins is optional for HS Swimmers. MS swimmers: fins are optional, no need for paddles. Do not use paddles if you have a sore shoulder.

Helpful Abbreviations:

M = meters

FL = Butterfly
BA = Backstroke
BR = Breaststroke
FR = Freestyle
IM = Individual Medley (FL/BA/BR/FR)
CH = Choice of stroke

S= Swim
K = Kick
P = Pull
DR = Drill


Warm Up # 1
S.K.I.P.S. X 50 M  

S = Swim FR,
K = K Choice
IM = Swim IM order
P = Pull FR
S = Swim CH

Warm Up # 2
S.K.I.P.S. X 100 M

Warm Up # 3
50 S- FR
50 S- CH
50 K- CH
50 P- FR

Warm Up # 4
100 S- FR
100 S- CH
100 K- CH
100 P- FR

Warm Up # 5
50 S- FR
50 K- IM order
50 P- FR
50 S- IM order
50 K- CH

Warm Up # 6
100 S- FR
100 K- IM order
100 P- FR
100 S- IM order
100 K- CH

Warm Up # 7
100 S (50 FR/50 CH)
75 K (25 FL, 25 FR, 25 CH
50 P (25 FR/ 25 CH)
25 S CH

Warm Up # 8
100 S- FR
100 K- IM
50 P- FR

Warm Up # 9
200 S- FR
200 K- IM
100 P- FR

Warm Up # 10
200 (alternate 25 DR/25 S)
150 K- IM order by 25 plus 25 FL/25 CH

Warm Up # 11
400 FR EZ
400 IM (25 K, 25 S, 25 DR, 25 S)

Warm Up # 12
300 IM (25 K/ 25 DR/ 25 S each stroke)
4 X 25 CH- build each 25


Warm Up

6 X 50 FR  (25 S/25 K) on 1:00/1:10/1:15/1:30

4 X 50 NF (25 S/25 K) on 1:10/1:20/1:40
  1. FL 
  2. BA 
  3. BR 
  4. FR

5 X 100 S FR on 2:00/2:10/2:30

3 X 100 S NF on 2:10/2:20/2:40

2 X 100 K Reverse IM order on 2:20/2:30/2:40

8 X 25 -alternate slow drill/FAST swim on :45
  1. FL DR/ 2. FL S
  3. BA DR/ 4. BA S
  5. BR DR/ 6. BR S
  7. FR DR/ 8. FR S

100 FR S Strong pace
200 FR P EZ

Cool down

Warm Up

4 X 75 IM @ :15 rest

100 K (with fins optional)
100 P with pull buoy, (with paddles optional)

FR Ladder-steady effort @ :10-:15 rest
1 X 25
2 X 50
3 X 75
2 X 50
1 X 25

3 X 100 @:10 rest
(25 CH Fast, 75 EZ recovery

Cool Down

Warm Up

4 X 75 FR @ :15 rest
25 DR fast/ 50 S

2 X 300 FR @ :30 rest (100 S/50 K/100 S/50 K)

6 X 150 @ :20 rest  (50 FR/50 NF/50 FR)
4 X 50 K
  1. 25 FL/ 25 BA
  2. 25 BA/25 BR
  3. 25 BR/25 FR
  4. 25 FR/25 FL

Cool down

Warm Up

200 FR K with fins and board
 Odd lengths- EZ
 Even lengths- Hard

4 X 100 FR @ :15 rest
Build/last 25 M FASTEST

200 BA or FL K on back with fins, no board
 Odd lengths- EZ
 Even lengths- Hard

4 X 100 P FR with pull buoy (paddles optional) @ :20 rest
Build/last 25 M FASTEST

100 S EZ- recovery

4 X 50 S @ :15 rest, steady pace
  Odds- FR

3 X 100 DR @ :10 rest
  Mix it up

Cool down

Warm Up

3 X 50 @ :10 rest
  1. FL/BA
  2. BA/BR
  3. BR/FR

100 FL Kick on back (fins optional)

12 X 100 @ :10 rest
 (find an interval you can hold for FR and IM, this should be challenging)
  3 X 100 FR on 1:50/2:00/2:10/2:20/2:30...
  3 X 100 IM on 2:00/2:10/2:20/2:30/2:45...
  2 X 100 FR
  2 X 100 IM
  1 X 100 FR
  1 X 100 IM

2 X 50 K with board (fins optional) @ :10 rest
50 CH S-recovery
2 X 50 P FR with pull buoy (paddles optional)

Cool down

Warm Up

12 X 100 (complete as 3 rounds) @ :10 rest
Round 1- FR
Round 2- Stroke or IM (can do FL DR)
Round 3- FR
   100 EZ
   100 Moderate
   100 Build
   100 All Out
   (50 K recovery and then start next round)
4 X 50 Kick (with or without boards)

4 X 50 Pull with pull buoy
  Evens- moderate

Cool down

Warm Up

4 X 125 @ :15 rest (work the NF segment)
  1. 50 FR/ 25 FL/ 50 FR
  2. 50 FR/ 25 BA/ 50 FR
  3. 50 FR/ 25 BR/ 50 FR
  4. 125 FR

4 X 100 K CH with boards (fins optional) @ :10 rest

4 X 75 @ :15 rest (work the NF segment)
  1. 25 FR/ 25 FL/ 25 FR
  2. 25 FR/ 25 BA/ 25 FR
  3. 25 FR/ 25 BR/ 25 FR
  4. 75 FR

4 X 100 P FR with pull buoy (paddles optional) @ :10 rest
 -hold a good tempo pace

Cool down

Warm Up

6 X 100 @ :15 rest
  (good tempo)
  Odds- IM
  Evens- FR
6 X 50
  Odds- ST
  Evens- FR
6 X 25
  Odds- ST
  Evens- FR

300 FR (fins optional)
     4 X (50 K on front/back/right side/left side & 25 S- hard

3 X 100 P FR with pull buoy (paddles optional)

Cool down


Cool Down # 1
100 P- FR, EZ, Breathe every 5th stroke on the way down/Breathe every 3rd stroke on the way back
200 S- CH
100 K- CH

Cool Down # 2
300 S- FR
200 K- IM

Cool Down # 3
400 S- FR
100 K- CH

Cool Down # 4
100 DR- CH
100 S- FR
100 S- NF
100 S- CH

Cool Down # 5
200 DR/S alternate- CH
200 K- CH
100 P- FR

Cool Down # 6
100 DR- FR
100 S- FR
100 DR- NF
100 S- NF
100 K or P- CH

* If you want a different kind of workout, send me an email and let me know!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Dry Land Workouts for Summer

Staying Fit: Alternatives to Swimming

Spend 20-60 minutes going for a....WALK, HIKE, RUN or BIKE RIDE. PADDLE a kayak, canoe, or Stand Up Paddle Board. Run around outside & PLAY with friends.

These different exercises can be done at home and with little to no equipment. Most of these workouts take 30 minutes or less. Mix it up and try different ones 4-6 times a week in addition to cardio (running, swimming, biking, walking). The better shape you are in come August, the easier it will be to achieve your goals in the pool!


5-4-3-2-1 x  3 times

5 Minutes
  Cardio-choose walk, bike or run OR
  1 minute-high knees
  1 minute-jumping jacks
  1 minute-front kicks
  1 minute-jumping jacks
  1 minute-running in place

4 Minutes
  1 minute-lunges or walking lunges
  1 minute-mountain climbers
  1 minute-lunges
  1 minute-mountain climbers

3 Minutes
  -10 pushups
  -15 tricep dips
(repeat for 3 minutes)

2 Minutes
  30-seconds squats
  30-seconds squat jumps
  30-seconds squats
  30-seconds squat jumps

1 Minute



50/50 Cardio and Strength x 3 times

NO rest between exercises
1 minute rest between sets, 20 min. duration

50 Jumping Jacks
10 Push ups
20 Squats
20 Bicycle Crunches

50 High Knees
20 Squat Jumps
1 minute Plank
1 minute side plank on each side

50 Mountain Climbers
15 Forward Lunges
15 Reverse Lunges
20 Tricep Dips



Circuit Training at Home x 3

25 Jumping Jacks
7 Push-ups
15 Crunches
8 Squats
8 Burpees
25 Jumping Jacks
1 Minute Wall Sit
7 Push-ups
15 Crunches
8 Squats
20 High Knees
15 Bicycle Crunches












Have a wonderful holiday! 
Enjoy the extra time.

Be active.
Be safe.
Have fun!!! :-)

Happy Summer!

Hi Swim Families,

When we arrive at this much anticipated time of year, it always feels surprising to finally be here...at the very beginning of summer.  After a busy year full of hard work, dedication, fast swims, and lots of fun; it is time for us to slow down, spend time with family, play, maybe relax a bit and of hopefully...SWIM!  I know I am looking forward to swimming in our lake this summer.



Big thanks to everyone who supported our swimmers and the TAISM swim program overall.

Looking ahead to next year----We will miss the many swimmers that are moving on. Best of luck to you all and remember----JUST KEEP SWIMMING! We look forward to working with the many returning swimmers that will represent TAISM again next year. :-)


One of the best way to stay in shape and get ready for swim season next year is to....SWIM!
If you have an opportunity to swim over the summer ---GO FOR IT! AND if you can swim for a CLUB, at the YMCA, or at a swim CAMP...take advantage! Swimming this summer could be an excellent jump start to your season next year.

Summer club opportunity here in Oman:

Nautilus Swim Club in Seeb-Oman

Swim lessons:

Aqua Tots


If you are interested in a summer SWIM CAMP....have a look...The list below is just a few ideas meant to help get you started.

Swim Swam's 15 Swim Camps You Might Love

Minnesota, USA-Gustavus Swimming
Check with Serena Lee, Maren Lee, Fallon Johnson and Cameron Johnson & Ryan Kelly for more information, they have all gone to this camp and are headed back for more this year.

Speedo Swim Squads Summer Camp in Dubai

Nike Swim Camp at Stanford, California, USA
Ms. Walker's camp. Mark Kluknavsky went here-ask him if you are wondering about this one.

Peak Performance Swim Camp
Ask Asher Leewarner about the Peak Performance Camp, he is all signed up and ready to go this summer.

The camp in Minnesota at Gustavus Adolphus College is the only one I know from first hand experience-it is excellent and affordable. Ms. Walker (former swim coach at TAISM) works at the Nike Stanford Camp in California. Please let me know if you have a camp that you would like to recommend and I will add it to this list.


As promised, I will post some dry land and swim workouts. Stay tuned!

Work Hard. Dream BIG!

xx Ms. Cori